12 Ways to Hair Beauty 1/3

Wondering what the secret is to having long and gorgeous hair? If there is one thing we know about gaining long and luscious locks it’s that it doesn’t happen overnight. To grow your hair to a mermaid-worthy length, you need to exert some effort. By this, we mean effort in maintaining a healthy and an active lifestyle. After all, everything beautiful on the outside starts from the inside. That’s just how it is.

Sure, various treatments and hair products are available. But if you’re planning on keeping fine-looking locksfor months, you need to know and practice an effective hair care routine. Here are 12 home remedies to improve hair growth and enhance its appearance:

1. Eat a balanced and healthy diet.

Like what we’ve said, everything nice starts from within. For faster result, make sure your daily intake consists of foods that are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Consume more foods that have plenty of vitamins A to E, iron, selenium, zinc, copper, and magnesium. This means that dairy products are big on list as well as green and leafy veggies. You should also eat more foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Avoid stress as much as possible.

Yup, stress can cause hair loss. While much of the anxiety that you experience every day is from your own homes or offices, there are steps you can take to lessen it, such as problem solving and meditation. If you’re in your mid-40s, you need to be more careful in dealing with panics or tensions. You don’t want to lose more than you could grow in the process.

3. Skip shampoo often and use conditioner more.

One of the best ways to encourage hair regrowth is by using more conditioner and limiting your use of shampoo. Some people actually get this backwards. Shampoo is used to remove dirt and clean your scalp. While conditioner helps replace the nutrients and seals the tips. If you didn’t come from somewhere unclean, you can skip the shampoo the next day and use conditioner instead.