10 Foods for Hair Growth You Should Be Eating Daily

If you tried every shampoo and hair mask out there but none of them worked long-term, perhaps it’s time to try something else… Start by changing your eating habits and include more nutritious ingredients in your diet! Whether your hair is silky and smooth or frizzy and dry, it can say something [...]

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Hair Loss Guide

Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Loss Solutions We often say that hair defines our face and that it is our “crowning glory”. We groom it every day, we use hundreds of products including shampoos, conditioners, treatments, dyes, sun protection sprays, styling foams, curlers, straighteners and all kinds of serums. And we are moaning whenever [...]

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Hair Regrowth Guide

Your Guide to Hair Regrowth Treatment Options We all want thick, rich, fabulous hair that is fit for a magazine cover. But what happens if it starts receding? Experts say it can have a profound negative impact on one’s quality of life (Sonthalia, 2015). If you have experienced that problem, you are probably wondering [...]

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Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Guide

Everything You Need to Know about Platelet-Rich PlasmaDid you know your own blood contains components that can instigate hair growth? Perhaps you have heard or read about the famed “vampire facial” therapy that helps provide a flawless, glowing complexion? Hollywood is crazy about it! But perhaps you didn’t know that there is a similar treatment [...]

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