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Progenitor Cell Extraction


Autologous cell therapy remains one of the most effective methods of rejuvenation available, providing positive effects far beyond any other modern method.

Generally, autologous cell therapy uses adult (mesenchymal) stem cells: undifferentiated (basic) cells found throughout the body that divide and replicate to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues.

Our therapy however, uses one’s own progenitor cells, which studies have shown are in large concentrations in solid human tissue. This means the extraction method is much easier compared to other sources of stem cells such as adipose tissue, which is more invasive.

Progenitor cells are similar to stem cells but are in a further, but not complete, stage of differentiation. This means they are more likely to fully differentiate into target cells based on their origin. As such, micrografts can be taken from specific areas based on its final application i.e. micrografts from the scalp will give progenitor cells that are predisposed to differentiate into hair cells, helping those who suffer from hair loss.

The Treatment

Micrografts are first obtained from the patient, after which are processed so the potent progenitor cells are harvested, and refined. What results is a serum which is introduced to the patient’s desired area of treatment.

Using micrografts from one’s own person allows the harvested cells to be fully accepted and achieve the full effect of regeneration. The micrograft is obtained from a discreet area and leaves virtually no scarring.

The procedure is quick and minimally invasive. It can be completed in one session, taking around an hour which includes micrograft extraction, processing and treatment of desired areas.

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