How Long Before Minoxidil Starts Working?

Men are generally more likely to lose hair than women, and it’s well known that male pattern baldness has the common factors of genes and hormones that cause it. The condition usually begins at the crown where the hair thins out and then recedes at the hairline. Women too can suffer as well as men, and it’s usually caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and stress. Minoxidil is used by widely as a treatment for male pattern hair loss and is similar to most treatments for the condition. Minoxidil may start to work immediately, although it can take some months to show any result that is noticeable. Your healthcare provider may advise you that it may be necessary to use the product twice a day for at least four months before any result is obvious. Also, Minoxidil may not work for everybody, and the amount of hair regrowth may be different for every user.

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How Minoxidil Works

The first step is understanding how hair growth and Minoxidil works. Hair grows in several phases, the first being the anagen phase, then the catagen and after than the telogen phase when the hair shrinks and detaches from the follicle to be replaced by a new hair. The hair then goes into the exogen phase and falls from the scalp after being replaced by the new hair. Minoxidil treatment may work by creating an optimal environment for hair growth in existing follicles. The treatment is believed to induce an early first or anagen phase when applied to the scalp, which means it may trigger the follicles to roll through the growth stages early. This may cause more shedding of hair when the treatment is first applied and might cause some people to think their problem is getting worse. But it’s normal. When follicles cycle through the phases of growth and get to the anagen phase, a lot of the older hairs might fall out, making it seem that more is falling out than is usual.

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Anagen Hair Growth and Minoxidil

It can take from three to five years for the anagen hair growth phase to complete and during this time, your hair grows to its full natural length before it starts to shed. Minoxidil treatment may trigger a new anagen phase for some follicles, which means it may take a few months before there are any noticeable results. Studies(1) show there may be evidence of hair growth after six months of treatment with Minoxidil in some people, but there were no visible results after three months. This shows Minoxidil may take some time before it starts working. One clinical study(2) showed that after they used a two per cent Minoxidil treatment application for four months, 26 per cent of men saw moderate to dense hair regrowth. This suggests Minoxidil may work for you if it is used consistently.

In conclusion, Minoxidil may begin to work right away, but there won’t be any result that you would notice for the first three months. After six months, you may see some improvement, and after one year of continued treatment the end result will appear. Ask your healthcare provider about any side effects.

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