MOSAIC™ Laser Skin Resurfacing

The MOSAIC system helps improve acne scars, reduce wrinkles, repair sun damaged skin and restore skin tone safely and predictably.

MOSAIC’s patented laser technology dramatically improves beam delivery and management over other current fractional laser systems. It randomly delivers each micro beam to the skin surface in a spray paint-like manner. This avoids the need for multiple linear passes and overlap. With precise control over all aspects of energy delivery, MOSAIC delivers a more uniform treatment of the target area, reduced treatments times, more rapid healing and improved patient satisfaction.

The MOSAIC system’s randomized beam spray pattern targets a fraction of the treated area. Only a small proportion of skin cells are directly affected, but the body’s natural regeneration activity leads to improvement in the majority of the area treated. Each necrotic column stimulates healing in the area around it, initiating long-term collagen remodeling and regeneration of elastin in the dermis. Rapid re-epithelization occurs within 24 hours in the tissue directly affected by the MNCs. After three to seven days, excess necrotic pigment and coagulated epidermal debris is renewed with new epidermal skin cells.

Patients notice immediate results that continue to improve over a period of months. Post-treatment discomfort and healing times are reduced because the outermost layer of skin is never ablated during treatment. This maintenance also results in minimal downtime and adverse side effects. Patients can quickly and confidently return to normal activities.