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What is Your Concern?

Bioscor treats a wide range of skin issues. Find your area of concern in the links below and see what treatments we recommend.

Age & Sun Spots

“Unsightly but harmless spots due to age or sun damage”

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Spider Veins

“Unsightly veins that are often seen on the cheeks, nose and chin.”

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“Acne can be caused by different factors; our treatments can be tailored to directly address them”

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“Pigmentation can be caused by hormonal factors or simply too much sun exposure.”

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Ageing Skin

“Loss of skin elasticity and fine lines can contribute to aged-looking skin”

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“We treat all kinds of scarring – acne, keloid, surgical”

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Unsightly Pores

“If you are unhappy with the appearance of your pores, we have many treatment options.”

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