Use Onion Juice to Treat Hair Loss

You might find it hard to believe, but the hair health pundits are saying onion juice can help to treat hair loss, repair follicles and even help to cure baldness. I guess if you’re losing your hair anything’s worth a try. But before you start rubbing your scalp with a Spanish onion you just bought from the fruit and vegetable shop, here are some things you ought to know:

Onion juice treatment can help improve circulation

Good circulation is what you want to help spread the nourishment that’s stored in your blood vessels up to your head and to your follicles if you want to treat your hair loss symptoms. Your follicles need nourishment to produce hair. Onions also possess antibacterial properties which can help your follicles fight scalp infections, and an infected scalp is not going to produce quality hair. Onions contain catalase, which is an enzyme that has antioxidant qualities which help prevent your hair from greying early.

Onions and onion juice are natural hair loss remedies

People have treated hair loss with onion juice for years even though it might not sound very appealing,  but onions are a sulphur-rich food and sulphur is one of the main ingredients for producing hair. The use of onion juice as a hair loss cure has also been studied scientifically and is reportedly a potential home remedy for the condition. In June 2002, the Journal of Dermatology published some minor research on onion juice for hair loss that is patchy, which is known as alopecia areata. However, the study did not include other kinds of hair loss conditions.

How to use onions to treat hair loss

  • Peel the onions and chop them into little pieces
  • Extract the juice in a juicer, blender or grater
  • Either massage the prepared juice into your scalp
  • Or, cover your patches of baldness
  • Leave the juice on your scalp for at least 15 minutes (leave it longer if you want to)
  • Wash the juice from your scalp with a mild shampoo

You can also mix honey with the onion juice and apply the mixture as a paste to your scalp. You can leave it on overnight and wash off in the morning. Use it every day for at least two months to strengthen your hair and promote the production of quality hair strands.