Bioscor Wellness

At Bioscor Wellness, we have been using Biocelle® Stem Cell treatments to improve health and comfort for over 10 years. We follow the highest standard, respecting safety & innovation in the delivery and evolution of regenerative and protective medicine.



What our clients said about us?

Always a pleasure to walk in. All the staff are wonderful and helpful. They have been for almost 20 years.

Sam T

Been on the program for 5 years and it continues to work and keep growing more and more.

Michael R

Hair treatment that works! In the first 3 months I saw a huge difference with my hair growth.

Mitch G


Hair Loss Guide

Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Loss Solutions We often say that hair defines our face and that it is our “crowning glory”. We groom it every day, we use hundreds of products including shampoos, conditioners, treatments, dyes, sun protection sprays, styling foams, curlers, straighteners and all kinds of [...]

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