Stem Cell

What is MSC

MESSENCHYMAL STEM CELL THERAPY (MSC) are the most promising pharmaceutical multipotent stromal cells, or unspecialized cells that have the ability to differentiate into specialized cells with specific functions for many parts of the body. They can reduce inflammatory, repair, renew, regenerate and reduplicate the cells.

Reduce Inflammatory

Repair Cells

Regenerate Cells

Renew Stem Cells

Stem cells are the supplier of healthy “replacement cells” which you are born with. They are assigned by your body to replace the damaged cells or those which are either old or in the process of dying. Eventually, your body loses its ability to heal properly due to age, life illnesses and traumas. It is at this point that some chronic problems may start.

Why We Use Umbilical Cord “Wharton’s Jelly” Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Mainly because the chemicals and drugs in modern orthodox medicine only works until they are broken down by the body’s metabolic processes, cell therapy, on the other hand, has a long term effect because it stimulates the body’s own healing and revitalizing powers. Thus, it can not only treat the symptoms, but also successfully cure the cause. In short, cell therapy is a like a “wake-up call” for the patients’ “dormant” healing ability.

How Are Stem Cell Extracted

Stem cells are extracted or collected for transplant depending on the source. Stem cells can be collected from the bone marrow, umbilical cord, dental pulp, circulating blood, etc.

Umbilical cord tissue is a popular source of MSCs for regenerative and anti-aging therapy. This is because MSCs from umbilical cord is originated from extraembryonic tissue which holds better stem cells properties in comparison with other sources of MSCs such as fat, due to the age of the donor. The umbilical cord and donor’s blood are screened for infectious diseases (according to WHO standard) and cultured in sterile environment to avoid contamination. Every batch of the cultured MSCs are tested for microbial contamination and harmful bacterial toxins before approved for clinical usage.